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Minefield MANİSA / GÖRDES Our company has been active in the mining, processing, packaging and sale of Klinoptiolite mineral which has high purity natural zeolite variety since 2006. Our licensed land has estimated clinoptilolite zeolite of 50 million tons.

In the world, “Green” environment is in the foreground recently. Depend on this situation, CLINOPTILOLITE has many advantages Some of them are that it has common application field such as agriculture and livestock, building and purification and has effective results in many fields. Climoptilolite is a natural and pure type of Zeolite.

Our products are produced by zeolite and all products do not contain chemical and also do not harmful for people, plant and animals.

For more information please visit our web site and contact with us.

Contact Information

Esen Tarım Gübre Tohumculuk A.Ş.

10032 Sokak No:18 A.O.S.B. Çiğli / İZMİR

+90 (212) 549 22 27

+90 (212) 549 22 29